George Derville Rowlandson – The Canary Isles – Puerto Orotava – etc / 5 drawings

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Pages: 13-14-15 – Pencil and black ink on white wove paper. Pages 16 & 17 – Pencil and black ink on brown and buff paper with added colouring. A total of 36 pages have been removed from the original binding to be sold in groups of 5 and 6. Gallery labels listing provenance will be included for each drawing. PLEASE NOTE the binding (illustrated) is not included in this sale.


Each sheet will be delivered in a clear polyester sleeve for protection and conservation.

Page number & titles:
13. Orotava from Agua Martianez. On the way to Arucos, Grand Canary.
14. St. Elmo, the morning after the shipwreck. The week’s wash.
15. A monastery in Puerto Orotava.
16. The Mole – Orotava.
17. On the road to the cemetery, Puerto Orotava. Procession on Good Friday.

Condition: Some paper oxidation (yellowing) mostly around the edges. Oxidation is not visible on the tinted papers. No.16 is damaged (top right corner.)

Rowlandson was a prolific and skillful illustrator who produced this remarkable series of drawings documenting the landmarks and daily life of local people living on the Canary Islands. A skillful artist and illustrator Rowlandson has managed to capture the movement of animals and people with such dexterity and incredible detail.

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Each page measures 8.5 cm x 12 cm.


Rowlandson, George Derville (1861-1928)

G. D. Rowlandson was born in India and studied at the Gloucester Art School as well as in London and Paris. He first worked as an illustrator, contributing works to The Illustrated London News between 1897 and 1900 and the English Illustrated Magazine from 1899 to 1900. He then exhibited oil paintings and watercolours at the British Institution and the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours between 1911 and 1918. Rowlandson painted equine subjects, hunting scenes and military subjects.