British School (19th Century) – Stonehenge With the sun rising behind the slaughter stone or ‘Friar’s Heel’

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Unsigned. Oil on canvas, displayed in a reconditioned oak frame of the period.


A  Victorian gentleman standing from inside the circle of Stonehenge on summer solstice, looking through the four standing stones with the sun rising behind the slaughter stone or ‘Friar’s Heel’, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.

It is unusual to find an oil painting of this period looking from the inside of the stones. The high romantic mood of the picture is reminiscent of works by the German School of Romantic painters, such as Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) and Carl Gustav Carus (1789-1869.)


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16 7/8 in x 24 1/8 in. (43 cm x 61.4 cm.)

Frame or Mount

24 in x 31 1/4 in. (61 cm x 79.5 cm.)




Unidentified / Unknown Artist