Radnorshire Fine Arts Terms & Conditions

Explanation Terms & Conditions

A work catalogued with the forename(s) and surname or recognised designation of an artist, is in our opinion a work by the artist.

The term “Attributed to…..” can be seen before an artists name, meaning that (in the absence of a signature) it is in our opinion a work painted by the artist. Other terms have been used such as Circle of, Studio of, etc. These terms have generally been backed up by independent experts who specialize in the artist, or proof of ownership (provenance) etc.
The following lists are explanations for each term used.

“Attributed to…..”
In our opinion a work by the artist.

“School / Studio of…..”
A work executed from the school / studio of the artist.

“Circle of…..”
A work from the period of the artist showing his influence.

“Follower of…..”
A work executed in the artist’s style but not necessarily by a pupil.

“Manner of…..”
A work executed in the artist’s style but of a latter date.

A copy (of any date unless stated) of a work by the artist.

In our opinion the work has been signed / inscribed / dated by the artist.

Returns and Complaints

Great care and trouble has been taken to ensure that all details written on our website for every picture are correct and the photos are of sufficient quality so that each item can be viewed in detail. If the purchaser can find a fault (by way of a photograph) as proof of damage in transit that is not present in our promotional photo; i.e. a tear in the canvas, broken glass, broken frame, damage to surface of picture, then a full or part refund will be offered back to the purchaser depending on the extent of the damage. This will only apply within 24 hours of signing for the parcel.

If the parcel has arrived and appears to be damaged in some way please return the parcel to us (unopened) and we will refund the purchase price on receipt of the picture.

If the purchaser can prove with written evidence from three independent experts that our description was false or misleading in any way then a full refund will be offered back to the purchaser.

Every effort has been made to give our clients complete confidence and satisfaction when buying from our company.

Condition and Presentation

Condition reports will be supplied on request.

In our description, if a picture is shown to be framed then the frame will be included with the sale of the picture. Unless specified otherwise all unframed watercolours, drawings and prints have been mounted onto acid-free conservation board using either Japanese hinging paper or reversible wheat starch paste. Unframed and mounted pictures are then wrapped in clear polyester film to protect both the picture and the mount. Loose material such as unmounted watercolours or drawings, including any small unframed oil paintings will be despatched to the buyer in museum quality protective polyester pockets or sleeves. Any conservation work has been carried out by accredited conservators.