As Found

Due to increasing costs and the time spent organising and managing the restoration and conservation of pictures from our gallery we have decided to offer a small number of important pictures from our collection in an unrestored state or ‘As Found’ at the point of purchase. Also it has become apparent that some Galleries and Museums prefer to use their own conservators.

There is no urgency to have any of these pictures restored in fact some might prefer to have the picture left in the condition they find it or just have it slightly improved. Any restoration tends to be invasive and leaves its mark. The act of cleaning can help improve the look of a painting but invariably it will take something of the original away. This very much depends on the state of the picture and the expectations of the individual who want to live with it. Finding a good conservator is key.

If you wish to find an accredited conservator in your area we recommend you use, – ICON The Institute of Conservation. At the bottom of their home page simply click on the link ‘Find a Conservator’, then select what type of service you need, Easel Paintings or Works of Art on Paper.

We are happy to advise our customers on the process of getting pictures restored but when the picture has left our gallery it will be the sole responsibility of the owner to have the picture restored, if they so wish. Any subsequent communications or actions will be between the customer and their chosen conservator.

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