Frédéric Millet – Miniature portrait of a Lady Wearing a Black Dress with a Red Scarf Draped over Her Left Shoulder


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Watercolour and gouache on ivory, painted c.1830. Signed by the artist centre right. This exquisite portrait is painted in breathtaking detail, despite its age the picture is in good condition. There are a couple of areas that need touching in, such as a small spot of missing paint just right of the face, and a few minor abrasions to her arm at the bottom edge of the painting. The portrait is currently housed for protection in an English frame under a convex glass and would benefit from a suitable replacement such as a gilt metal frame.

Oval support: 3 9/16 x 2 3/4 in. (9 x 7 cm.)
Frame: 5 15/16 x 5 1/4 in. (15.1 x 13.3 cm.)

This ivory painting has been registered. Submission ref: 9SLA7TPA


Frédéric Millet’s initial teachers were Aubry, Pernot, and Isabey and he was one of the latter’s best pupils. Between 1806 and 1859 he regularly exhibited at the Salon as a portraitist and was one of the most accomplished miniaturists of his period.


Millet, Frédéric (French, 1786-1859)

Frédéric Millet was the youngest son of a carpenter from Charlieu (Loire). He received his artistic training in Paris with Aubry, Pernot and Isabey. Millet painted miniatures and larger sized portraits in watercolours and oils and participated in the exhibitions of the Paris Salon between 1806 and 1859. Millet also worked as a teacher, for he set up a studio for ladies. With his wife Marie Henriette Rioux he had two sons who also became artists: Louis Emile was a composer and Aimé a sculptor.