Susanne Döring-Kessler – Bright Moonlit Night

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A wonderful atmospheric watercolour and gouache painting on textured paper laid onto board, (early 20th century). Signed S Döring-Kessler and inscribed ‘Berlin’ in the bottom left corner. A paper label attached to the back of the picture gives the artists name and address as Drakestraße 32, str. being an abbreviation for street, Berlin, Lichterfelde, West. Framed and glazed.

Board: 25 1/2 x 25 3/8 in. (64.6 x 65 cm.)
Frame: 28 1/2 x 28 3/8 in. (71.8 x 72.2 cm.)

We would like to thank a keen eyed observer ‘Deborah Pittrich’ (from Austria) for correcting us on the address; Drakestraße 32 was previously thought to have been a date for the picture, Month? (1932).


Susanne Döring-Kessler was a Berlin impressionist painter. Little is known about her only that she had been a student of Max Liebermann.

This watercolour painting dates from the early part of the 20th century and is in excellent condition having been protected behind glass. The glass is unusual in that its slightly convex, so that the picture is not touching.

The cottage in the picture may well be from Lichterfelde West, known as the oldest villa district in Berlin and is still characterized by stately villas from the Wilhelminian period, large gardens, small avenues and cobbled streets.


Kessler, Susanne Döring- (German, 1870-1937)

Döring-Kessler was a Berlin impressionist painter, she was a student of Max Liebermann.