Chinese School (19th Century) – A British Gun Boat off Hong Kong Harbour

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Oil painting on fine woven canvas with its original carved and lacquered frame. Unsigned.

Image size: 20 5/8 x 26 in. (52.5 x 66 cm.)
Frame: 25 1/2 x 30 1/2 in. (65 x 77.5 cm.)

The flag on the centre mast of the ship is named ‘Hana’ (possibly for Hannah?) and there are many other ships right and left of the picture, including a paddle steamer.


This painting is to be sold as seen, in preparation for restoration. Generally, the condition is rather good considering the fragility of the outer edges of the canvas. The canvas has been separated from its strainer to be photographed showing all its detail back and front. The strainer and frame are in very good condition only needing minor work. The canvas will need relining and areas of paint loss will need to be touched in.



Unidentified / Unknown Artist