Stone, Paul Goadby (American: Savannah, Georgia / 1928-1976)

Paul Stone was an original and eccentric resident of Savannah. Born in Lumberton, North Carolina in 1928, he attended the Phillips Academy at Andover and later graduated from Harvard Magana cum laude. He arrived in Savannah in 1957 and married Adeline Oxnard. His portraits depict Savannah’s society and his paintings were exhibited at the Boston Museum of Fines Arts. Paul Stone died at the age of 48. Broken hearted over an unrequited love affair with a young man, he poured gasoline over himself on a shady street, off a square in Savannah and struck a match.

Stone’s drawings of the male and male nude are very rare and were done for him-self, during his life time they were not exhibited. They are considered very rare.

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