Olaf Rosenvinge – Pastorale

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Signed twice, once with initials ‘O.R.’ (bottom right), and in full, with the title, on original mount now attached to back of frame. Gouache or possibly oil, on paper. Framed and glazed.


Rosenvinge, Olaf (1913-2004)

Olaf was in born in Rock Ferry in 1913, the son of Odin Rosenvinge (1880-1959). Odin was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and was of Danish decent who specialised in designing shipping posters for White Star and Cunard. Olaf Rosenvinge studied at the John Laird Art School in Birkenhead and Liverpool School of Art, becoming a commercial artist and designer. Inspired by his love of late 19th century and early 20th century music, literature, politics and religion he began to create distinctive landscape worlds, which were a forerunner of fantasy or science fiction images. Close friend Eva Warren, who kept many of his paintings in her attic, said: ``He never pushed himself forward and had no idea of media projection, because great artists don't.``Despite being an artist all his life he never really spoke about his paintings, always waiting to be asked.''