Henry Walton – Portraits (2) Thomas Inyon – A Man with Powdered Hair

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1. Signed with initials HW. Inscribed: T. Inyon of Pulham Suffolk Physician – AE 70 (Latin ‘Aetatis’, meaning Age 70) – 1776 by Walton. Oil on panel, oval. Framed and glazed.

2. Unsigned, c. 1780. Inscribed in ink on reverse: RS. Oil on panel, oval. Framed and glazed.


No1. Portrait of Thomas Inyon MA MD SSS. The painting has been authenticated by Evelyne Bell, and is to be included in the Catalogue Raisonné of works by Henry Walton.

No2. Portrait of a man with powdered hair wearing a blue coat. The painting has been authenticated by Evelyne Bell, and is mentioned in, The Life and Work of Henry Walton, published, Gainsborough House Society, under the title Gentleman in a Green Coat (see p74 – No 176).  After restoration the coat reappeared as blue rather than green, hence the new title. The portrait was also seen by Sotheby’s in March 1985.

Evelyne Bell is the leading authority on the artist.

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Each: (24 cm x 19.5 cm.)

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Each: (29.2 cm x 24.6 cm.)


Walton, Henry (1745/6-1813)

Henry Walton’s earliest recorded portraits date from 1768. Walton was a pupil of Johann Zoffany (1733-1810) before studying at the Maiden Lane Academy in Covent Garden, London. During the 1770s, Walton worked as a portraitist, painting single portraits and conversation pieces. Among his most celebrated sitters were Edward Gibbon, the Revd William Gilpin, Horatio Walpole, first Earl of Orford, and Lord Cornwallis. In the 1780s, Walton had some success at genre paintings and by the early 1790s he was established as a picture dealer and adviser to some major private collectors, including Lord Fitzwilliam. He exhibited at the Society of Artists and the Royal Academy.