Circle of William Wordsworth and Rev. William Gilpin – ‘Windermere’

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Drawing in the manner of Rev. William Gilpin (1724-1804). Brush with black ink and grey wash and touches of body-colour on white wove paper. Numbered in black ink, 516 (lower left corner). Inscribed with the title ‘Windermere’ verso.

Inscribed in pen and brown ink with the following text on a separate sheet of blue paper, below the drawing:


Had the mind skill to read appearances,
Virtues, with the congeniality
Of shape to native quality, in each
Combining as associates, we should find,
By particle to particle conjoined
Rise correspondent in the sculptured view.

But faint such excellent perceptions now.
Can borrow power from every various light,
Imperfect, but to view appearances,
None truly understood. and why they are,
Beyond our (ken?). Yet, curious, sometime to
Salute these hidden properties we hope,
Nor thankless cease to mark the opening morn,
Or sober evenings gently spreading shades,
How hills are joined with clouds, and air with earth,
And fruits with men, and men connect with heaven.

Drawing sheet: 13.7 x 23.3 cm.
Poem sheet: 10 x 18 cm.
Frame: 53.5 x 40.7 cm.

Presented with a wash line mount and oval plaque (numbered 309) pinned to the frame.


This is one of two interesting wash drawings with added text. Both drawings are presented in frames dating from around 1900. The numbers on each of the frames seem to suggest they formed part of a series. Two comparable yet unidentified examples are in the Wordsworth Museum collection at Grasmere. The Wordsworth Trust – Link: 2021.15.17 and 2021.15.18

The other drawing ‘Ambleside’ is being sold separately.


Unidentified / Unknown Artist