Shuttleworth, Brigadier Allen Robert Betham (1873-1935)

Brigadier Allen Robert Betham Shuttleworth (1873-1935) was a British Officer, Captain of the Indian Army, and player of The Great Game. First Command – 06 June 1896 / Date – Ranked Captain 06 June 1905. “The Great Game” was a political and diplomatic confrontation that existed for most of the 19th century between Great Britain and Russia.

Shuttleworth was born in Dapoli, Maharashtra, India, to Allen Thornton Shuttleworth, who won the Albert Medal of the First Class, and Laura Phoebe Betham. His younger brother was Sir Digby Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth joined the British Army relatively late, beginning his career in the militia.

For a time in 1908, he was acting Consul in Kashgar. During this time, Shuttleworth became involved in investigating the expeditions of two explorers, Eizaburo Nomura and Zuicho Tachibana, even dining with them at Chini-Bagh. He had suspicions about the two Japanese and reported them to Sir Francis Younghusband, eventually, these suspicions made way to Lord Morley, Secretary of State for India. Eizaburo Nomura was suspected, correctly, by British and Russian Intelligence of being in the Imperial Japanese Army and Zuicho Tachibana was suspected of being an officer of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Shuttleworth died suddenly in Ajmer, Rajasthan

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