Pickering, George (1794-1857)

George Pickering was born in Yorkshire and worked very much in the style of John Glover. He succeeded George Cuitt the younger as a drawing-master in Chester and in 1827 exhibited at the Liverpool Academy, as a non-resident member. He also exhibited in London from 1815 to 1828. T. Allom worked up some of his drawings for exhibition. The plates by Edward Francis Finden which illustrate both the first (1829) and second (1831) series of Roby’s ‘Traditions of Lancashire’ are after drawings by Pickering, which were reproduced by the engraver. He also drew many of the fine landscapes that are engraved in Ormerod’s ‘History of Cheshire’ and in Baines’s ‘History of the County Palatine of Lancaster.’ In 1836 he had a studio at 53 Bold Street, Liverpool. Some years later he resided at Grange Mount, Birkenhead, where he continued to practise as an artist and teacher of drawing. He died there in March 1857.

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