Cox, Ellen Louisa (1855-1934)

Ellen Louisa Cox was the daughter of the artist and photographer Alfred Wilson Cox (1830-1888). Her art education was achieved at Nottingham School of Art, and she went on to become a painter of miniatures. She exhibited at the Nottingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Royal Academy from 1874-1888. Her father must have been a considerable influence on her artistic career however the household at 11 St James Street Nottingham may not have been entirely happy.

Alfred moved from Nottingham in 1876 leaving his wife to run the business. He was later found to have been living with another woman called Rose. While posing as a married couple he was still technically married to his first wife Ellen E. Cox. When in 1888 he died his brother Henry Cox (portrait painter) was found to be the sole executor of his will.

Between 1888 and 1893 Ellen Louisa Cox married Frank Byron Jevons (1858-1936). He was a polymath, academic and the administrator at Durham University. She continued to exhibit portrait miniatures with the Royal Miniature Society and the Royal Academy under her married name.

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