Cole, John Vicat (1903-1975)

John Cole was son of the artist Rex Vicat Cole and continued the illustrious careers in painting of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Cole’s early works were landscapes but his personal artistic voice found itself in small paintings of London scenery and shop fronts. In these gem like paintings Cole was able to apply the breadth of his technique in oils to the portrayal of surfaces of flaking plaster, painted stone and the glittering window displays of antique shops and silversmiths. He captured the architecture and colour of the little Georgian and Victorian shops of the West End of London with affection and dispassionate observation. During WWII he joined the Civil Defence Heavy Rescue Service in Kensington and was often the first to enter the wreckage of the historic buildings that he had grown to love.

Bibl: The Cole Family – T. J Barringer

Exhibited at the R.A., Paris Salon, R.O.I., R.B.A., N.E.A.C and the provinces. Won a silver medal at the Paris Salon 1952 and gold medal in 1954. He is represented in several public collections at home and abroad. Elected A.R.B.A. 1929, R.B.A. 1930, R.O.I. 1932, N.E.A.C. 1965.

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