Charles Hayter (1761-1835)

hayterwoman hayter hayterman
Dr Samuel and Ann Merriman
Each signed on the front C Hayter and dated 1803
Pencil on paper
Detailed information of sitters on back of frame
Within an old stained dark oak frame, and glazed
Size of each oval: 4½ x 3½ in. (11.5 x 8.7 cm.)
Frame size: 11 x 14½ in. (27.8 x 37.2 cm.)

Charles Hayter was born at Twickenham on the 24th February in 1761. He entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1786 aged 24 and was later to become Professor of Perspective to Princess charlotte. Charles executed portraits in crayon, pencil and painted miniatures and was the author of An Introduction to Perspective, 1813 and A New Practical Treatise on Three Primative Colours, 1828. He died in London, 1 December 1835.

A detailed description on Charles Hayter in the book, Miniatures Dictionary and Guide by Daphne Foskett goes on to say an album of 440 pencil portraits by Hayter, many of them named, are in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Notes related to the sitters have been removed from the original frames and attatched to the back of the present frame.

Doctor Samuel Merriman M.D. ( the younger ) was born 25 Oct 1771. He was the only surviving son and heir of Benjamin Merriman.
On 28 April 1799 he married his first cousin Ann Merriman, by whom he had three children;
(1) Samuel William John, who died unmarried.
(2) Ann, who married the Rev. John Ward in 1823.
(3) Hannah Eliza, who died unmarried at Marlborough House Sandown, Isle of Wight, 5 Nov, 1887.
He died at Brook St, Grosvenor Square, London, 22 Nov, 1852.
For further information see "Dictionary of National Biography, Vol.XXXVII, page 293.

Ann Merriman was daughter and heiress to Dr. Samuel Merriman M.D. ( the elder ) of Marlborough and London. She was born in 1777 and was the only one of his 14 children to reach mature age.